socktoberSocktober has arrived!

Good thing, too, as the temperature is going back up into the 90s. I made some progress on Pipesseptember pipeswhile it was a little cooler, with signs that fall would soon arrive, but now it is once again too hot, so Pipes must go back into estivation with Erin.

I went in search of sock yarn yesterday morning, but was not successful. I do not want self-patterning yarn, as I am just not a fan of variegated yarn. But I intend to start with a pair of Log Cabin socks from Handmade Holidays anyway, and they require 5 or 6 stitches to the inch, depending on the size. So I will be using up some Wool-Ease I have on hand. Kali Mama commented over at Formerprincess’s place (I was eavesdropping shamelessly) that smaller gauge socks are more comfortable, but a nice thick wool sock can be very pleasant on a cold day.

I also did not find a vise. Not of the kind I wanted, at least. I returned from my shopping trip and brought a picture of what I wanted up on the internet to show my husband. Had he ever seen such a thing, I asked him.

He pointed out with gentle reasonableness that there was no great hurry with my project, that I had already checked the stores that would be likely to sell such a thing, that it would cost more to make one than to buy it, and that I could just order it from the site I was showing him. I am, therefore, doing that, and waiting for it to arrive before continuing with my soldering adventures.

purple laundry So I did the laundry — here is what purple paint looks like in the laundry room — and sundry household tasks, hung out with the family a bit, and got back to my needlework.

ks jacketI got some more stuff done on my jacket. The seams are all now finished, but it needs pressing, and the sleeves are not hemmed, and the whole issue of the buttonholes looms.

In fact, you may wonder why I even am showing you a picture of this, since all the changes since the last picture are on the inside.

It is because I realized that this is the sixth garment for the SWAP. The SWAP consists of 11 garments, so this half-finished jacket means that I have half-finished the SWAP.

The jacket was distinctly not completed in the month of September as I had planned. And while the remaining pressing and hemming are no big deal, the buttonhole question could take me the rest of the year. I will have to learn to make buttonholes, and practice, and gather courage to try it. Or find someone to do them for me, and who knows what that might cost?

half a swapThis half a SWAP took me only slightly longer than the serious SWAP-meisters take to do their entire SWAP.

Of course, I have sewn other things in that time, including pieces for #2 daughter’s SWAP. And I had no TNT (tried and true) patterns. And now I can actually set in a sleeve. That all by itself ought to take a month off the total sewing time.

So there I was, thinking these thoughts and thinking that I could actually do a SWAP in the challenge time next year. I had to shake my head and return to reality. Just the amount of dithering I do when sewing takes a lot of time.

ripbuttonI am still attempting to read The Little Friend, my first creepy book for the RIP challenge, but mostly I am reading and enjoying Caroline Graham’s Faithful Unto Death. There is a little creepiness there, or at least suspense, but really it is a classic detective novel.

However, I am well supplied with creepy books, thanks to frugalreader. My nightstand stack of unread books is growing, and full of gothicism.

nightstandI’m ready for fall.