So let’s see if I can catch up here.

#1 daughter and I went to see the SCORE counselor. If you have a business, check it out. He said to get a CPA, become an LLC, write a proper business plan, and raise my prices. I’m doing all that.

I’m also having my daughters work for me. I initially went to SCORE asking “How can I tell when it’s time to hire someone?” My IT guy mentor said that a business plan and financial forecast would show me when hiring someone would provide sufficient ROI to justify the hire. My local mentor said he thought I’d be pleasantly surprised by how much money I could make.

I’ve already been pleasantly surprised by that, but I still have trouble coming up with the thousands in tuition every month.

Still, #1 and I made a good-faith attempt to write up the business plan, and while we did get cross and frustrated as we worked on it (she says this shows that we need a CPA), it doesn’t seem entirely impossible. It also seems possible that I’ll be able to hire her if she does a good enough job to produce a positive ROI. And I think she will.

Then we went on a fact-finding mission to a local restaurant. More about that anon, probably.

Then we came home and I worked. It was a lovely fall day, and I was working. I’m going to be working again today. I’m feeling a little whiny about this. #1 will be leaving while I’m at church, and we won’t have had much fun at all.