Yesterday I put on my IT costume (polo and khakis) and went down to the client’s office, where I was able to get quite a lot of her catalog copy done. Most of the previous day’s problems were fixed, as long as I didn’t try to get the machine to go any faster than one SKU every six minutes. I would like to do it much faster than that, but the program requires thinking time and likes to be refreshed after every “add” and stuff like that.

Since I was working so slowly, we had plenty of time to chat throughout, and I gave her advice on her planned video blog and her marketing ideas and stuff like that, as well as the kind of mere persiflage in which people working together often indulge. She got in tabbouleh salad and carrot cake for lunch, and we finished the day with a sense of a job well done.

While I was there, an associate of the client’s called, wanting my contact information for a spa in a town a couple of counties over. I was able not only to give her my phone number, but also to suggest nonchalantly that they should go to my website and put in their information so I could have a preliminary look at their website and determine their needs.

After work, I went to the gridiron show. My husband went with me, bless his heart. He even drove. It was a lot of fun. Kind of like a high school show, really, and therefore most fun if you knew the people being lambasted, but they took on some national figures as well. The final 2008 campaign extravaganza posed the dilemma thus:

“Young and green
Or old and mean,
We’ve got to choose between!”

I ran into a lot of friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I have to say that there were some who looked surprised to see me. It could just have been “Oh, I haven’t seen you in so long!” surprise. It could have been that I was nicely dressed in a wrap top #2 daughter helped me pick out on that memorable occasion when we went to the shopping center to practice my freeway driving, and had a recent haircut. These people have mostly seen me in jeans. It could have been that my weight gain is more noticeable than I think. It could have been that my husband was with me, an unusual occurrence at this kind of do.

It is also possible that I usually don’t go to these events and they think of me as a recluse. I’ll probably never know.

Today I’m singing the solo in “Send It On Down” in church and also at The Great Day of Singing up on Mt. S. I’m looking forward to it, though it requires sustained singing above a C, which is rough on the throat. I’m therefore going only to one church service.instead of the usual two.

It seems unlikely that I’ll make it to the grocery or the fabric store for #1 son’s shirt pattern. Maybe I’ll do housework this evening.