I’m still playing around with video-making. I hope I’m getting better at it, but am not sanguine. This one is supposed to be for a client’s blog. Here’s the recipe“>Here’s the recipe, by the way.

This client has expressed dissatisfaction with one of my blog posts and has suggested that I run them by her before posting. I never mind doing that, of course. However, I know from experience that doing this almost always results in sporadic posting.

The client intends to check the blog every day and approve the posting, and for the first few days, does so. Then they forget, and the posts sit there waiting for approval. Then I start posting them anyway, because it’s my job. After a while, the client notices and starts watching again, and we continue the cycle. Sometimes the client fails to check but doesn’t want the posts going live without approval, and the blog languishes and dies, and I get blamed.

Apart from this, yesterday was quite a nice day. I did the shopping, including a pair of shawl-collared black pajamas from Ralph Lauren at T.J. Maxx  which made my evening of reading Terry Pratchett in bed seem quite luxurious.

I got a good bit doen on #2 son’s sweater and did very little work. This meant that I was up at 5 am to get my Aussies taken care of, but it did make for a nice Saturday.

Now I had better skedaddle or I’ll be late for the singing.