10 Lentil soup from yesterday– a bowl for me and a container full for the freezer. This is a slight nod to the HGP, whihc I have almost completely ignored this year.

I’ll be sorry, I’m sure.

Right now, I’m trying to wake up enough to sing a duet. I have fourty-four minutes to accomplish this. We’re singing “Noah’s Weary Dove,” and you can hear a few seconds’ worth of it if you click that link. You can read the words here, but we’re using the tune Anonymous 4 put with it.

I cleaned and scrubbed yesterday, and decorated for Hallowe’en. #2 son put our weird lighted ghoul outside with his rope of lighted bones. The front garden is so overgrown and messy that it should be quite scary with the ghoul appearing to rise out of it.

In my recent discussions and thoughts on 20th century skills, one interesting recurrent theme has been the need for survival skills. That is, people who write about 21st century skills mostly are thinking about the ability not only to use current technology but to keep up with unforeseeable new kinds of technology as well, and to work well with the human beings all over the world who will be taking part in the changes with us.

People who don’t write about 21st century skills but are rather thinking about what people need now in the way of skills, or what the next generation will need, tend to think that we may be doing problem solving with new kinds of technology, but we may also be growing our own food and providing ad hoc first aid to our neighbors.

So yesterday, with cabbage and peppers from the garden and home cooking and baking and knitting, combined of course with computer access, might have been a new century kind of day.