It’s easy to make fun of Martha Stewart. At the craft fair, there was a piece of calligraphy with Martha’s supposed Christmas To-Do List. My favorite item was “Roll sheep in egg white and sanding sugar to give a shimmer to the upper pasture.” “Disassemble, disinfect, and reassemble dog” was also a good one.

But I am going to buy a copy of this DVD for my married daughter, who is cooking her first solo Thanksgiving dinner next month. It has absolutely step-by-step directions for several different ways of cooking turkeys and side dishes and desserts, as well as for setting the table and making centerpieces.

Now, vegetarians and the squeamish might want to skip some of the more graphic turkey segments, such as the boned-and-rolled one, but my husband enjoyed them.  We think we will try it this year — my husband will do the boning, and I will take it from there.

In addition to admiring the gruesome parts, my husband also pointed out, during all the recipes, that I couldn’t eat any of those foods. Dark meat, sausage, butter, sugar, cream — really, even the vegetables were a sort of love poem to cholesterol.

This is what I knitted while I watched. It is #19 from Rebecca Home #7, in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. The color is Stream, a very good peacock blue, in no way reminiscent of any stream I have ever seen, but quite a nice color. Compared with the Elann Highland Wool, this yarn seems to be a bit less soft and less inclined toward fluffiness. I think you could mix the two in colorwork, though.

I also baked my weekly batch of cookies for the freezer using a recipe from the current issue of Martha Stewart Living. #1 son complained about that — both the boys are of the opinion that cookies are only edible when taken directly from the oven and eaten right then. These cookies are not for the boys, though. They are for my Christmas cookie boxes. #1 son has, in his sixteenth year, turned into a tyrant. Since no one but #2 son does what he tells them to, he is rather a frustrated tyrant, but that does not improve him. We must just tolerate him.

I also made a batch of homemade cleaner scented with cedar oil, and put up a peck of spiced apples from the farmer’s market.  Here is a jar of the spiced apples. I posed it with some autumnal flowers so you could see the very pretty color the apples turned out.

Yes, it was a fairly Martha day.

Today should be more intensive knitting, a final end to the fact-checking (yes, I am deeply embarrassed about that), and a struggle with the music for the Master Chorale. I may also bake some cookies for the boys, assuming that #1 son can curb his tendency to sound like Napoleon. Actually, Napoleon was rather a charismatic guy. He went to visit his troops when they had bubonic plague, in order to give them courage. He sat by their bedsides when everyone else was too frightened to go near them. If it hadn’t been for the insects (disease vectors, the little brutes), Napoleon might have succeeded with his plans, and all of us who live in the Louisiana Purchase might be speaking French today.

And if Martha Stewart had been a man, her own tyrannical tendencies would not have gotten her nearly so much bad press. We do not see Donald Trump going to jail, and I think we could make the case that he is more loathsome than Martha Stewart, and less useful to boot. #1 son may be able to get away with his Napoleonic behavior. But it will not get him fresh cookies.