The Habitat house was a fun experience, and it looks to be quite a nice house. I don’t think that I was very useful, actually. It took me 12-25 strokes to hammer in each nail, where I think it’s supposed to take about four.

The woman I was working with was worse than me, and after a while she quit and went off to help with lunch. I was not going to quit, because I’m like that, but it was hard not to think that there was very little point to my being there, as unskilled as I am. Still, I did get the tasks assigned to me finished, and I don’t think anyone will have to do them over or anything.

After lunch it began to rain, so I came home and knitted and read. Later on I had some blogging to do, but it was mostly a restful afternoon. 

The Silk Fountain cowl from Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Small Indulgences very distinctly takes more than one skein of the Japanese yarn. It is not the yarn recommended in the pattern, but it does have the same yardage, so I don’t know what to make of that in terms of the “one skein wonder” claim.

I thought, as I got to the end of the skein of purple yarn I was knitting it with, about making stripes. Striped lace seemed odd, though.

So I frogged it and switched to a tweedy variegated skein for which I have other skeins that match some of its solid bits. I’m alternating rows and ending up with a nicely variegated lace with a garter stitch edging that neatly turned out to be all in the tweedy part.

It’s nice.