I lost track of the HGP this year, sad to say. Not to worry! There’s a second chance. The Christmas Countdown starts today. This plan is shorter and simpler than the HGP. It starts this week with getting your holiday planner organized and making lists for cards, gifts, and areas of your home that need cleaning or repairs before holiday entertaining begins.

I’ll be making cookies today for tomorrow’s rehearsal (we have a cookie rota), and I plan to make a couple of batches and put half of each into the freezer for Christmas. I’m going to use my cookie press, so it’s just a matter of coloring half orange and extruding pumpkins, and making the other half green and pushing out wreaths.10

#2 son went to the grocery to get provisions for his pre-ACT breakfast. As you can see, he’s testing the hypothesis that enormous quantities of saturated fat and simple carbohydrate improve test performance.

He said it seemed easy, but that he’d heard that people always thought it was easy and then were shocked by their low scores.

I’ve never heard anyone say they thought the ACT was easy, so we’ll see. There are schools in our state that have a simple chart: this number on the ACT, this percentage of your tuition paid.

If I get the job I’m interviewing for tomorrow, I’ll get an automatic 50% discount on my kids’ tuition at any state institution.

10 Yesterday I got the grocery shopping done, scrubbed the kitchen, and worked on the brown scarf. I also helped #2 daughter plan her job hunt and did a thorough site analysis of the website I’m interviewing for tomorrow. I always enjoy that. It’s an enormous site with a PR of 6, but they don’t appear to have had any professional SEO hitherto, so I’ve been practicing diplomatic ways to phrase my suggestions for their site.

My husband shaved the fur around Spicer’s owie, put on antibiotic ointment, and bandaged it. She didn’t like the bandage much. She behaves like an inanimate object so much of the time that I was surprised she’d object, but she did scratch at it and rub on furniture to get it off, so we put her sweater on her. That worked, but we didn’t take her picture. We didn’t want to humiliate her. It makes her look like a pink and white striped sausage.