While I did not get very far with yesterday’s to-do list (we had unexpected guests, I had to clean up before the Schwan’s man arrived, there was this whole taffeta ruffle thing…), I did make a little progress with the Fuzzy Feet.

As you can see, it is an enormous sock. A lot of folks around the web have remarked that this would be a good way to start making socks if you find normal socks intimidating. The directions are very clear, and the heel and toe shaping are simple but traditional. If nothing else, knowing that you will be felting it and therefore any little irregularities will become invisible might make it a more comfortable experience.

Here is the knitalong. From there, you can easily find the pattern and many blogs with other folks making fuzzy feet. Mine are in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, color Iron Ore, on 10.5 needles.

I rarely use such large needles, and can only find two of my dpns, so I am using the so-called Magic Loop technique, bringing in the two dpns now and then to help out. I say “so-called” because I think this is less a technique  than a fudge for those of us who are too lazy to go find our dpns, and I would not do it if I weren’t going to felt these. It also slows me down quite a bit and is irritating as well, so I am certainly not recommending it. To each her own, however. There are plenty of folks who hate dpns and prefer to use Magic Loop or two circulars, even if their dpns are sitting neatly in the knitting basket where they should be, rather than having been removed for purposes of playing at medieval warfare or taking the place of a proper tool in the garage or all the other things that tend to happen to my knitting needles.

I am hoping to gain the impetus to go find those missing dpns, myself.

There was some progress on the fifth bawk. This is project 19 from Rebecca Home #7. It is also in Wool of the Andes, color Asparagus. I quite like this yarn.

I did the baking and got my costume thrown together, but it took considerably more time than I had hoped, so I did not get my music learned, or the cabinets cleaned, or any other holiday preparations done.

This week on the HGP we are supposed to clean our family room, and I do not have one, so I can finish up my pantry and closets instead. This is also the week to polish the silver, clean the coat closet, put away those Jack-o-Lanterns and decorate for Thanksgiving. We are also to continue spending at least an hour a day making gifts, putting things into the freezer, working on cards, and gradually buying gifts.

This morning, the choir will be singing Rutter’s extremely jazzy arrangement of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” We have been looking forward to this. We are also doing very jazzy Christmas music, and our director plays the sax in a big band (I mean a Big Band style band, rather than a large band. I don’t know the size of the band), so he knows what he is doing with the jazz.  It is sad but true that Pokey chose not to come down and sing with us, relying instead on some flimsy excuse about having a concert to sing in or conduct or something in another state. We forgive her, but will definitely miss her. Janalisa and I will have to impart the whole sultry altissimo tone to “when the moon turns into blood” all by ourselves.