I’m not feeling well this morning. Probably allergies. Yesterday was a beautiful fall day, so I went outside and breathed, often a mistake for me. I got the grocery shopping done, though, and finished and sent a proposal for a website.

I also cut out a nightgown of green silk, something I should have done a few months ago, since now we are on the verge of flannel weather. And knitted, and read, and made cupcakes.

I gave them pale orange frosting, but that is it for my Hallowe’en preparations. For the first time in decades, I didn’t decorate or make special foods or anything.

I have some work to do this morning, and I’m supposed to go to church and sing and then this afternoon I am supposed to go pick up a tree, but I really feel like going back to bed or at least lying on the sofa with Kleenex and tea.