Happy Socktober.  I’m a bit late, I realize. However, in my defense I have to say that I haven’t seen any good Socktober buttons out there, and I don’t have time to make one myself. I was waiting for somebody else to make a good one. Half the fun of Socktober is having the cool button on your sidebar.

My new Tuesday class has been cancelled, and I’m thinking that this could give me an evening a week during which I could do needlework without making things any worse in terms of getting work done. I have these quilt tops waiting to be quilted, after all, and Christmas presents to make, and I might even need to make some socks for Socktober. In fact, on this day last year here at my blog, I outlined quite a good plan for a SWAP, and I still have all the materials for that.

Yesterday I worked all day, which helped me get nearer to caught up, and then in the evening I organized things a bit.

I was supposed to be at the Gridiron Show, for which I made cookies and everything. My husband and son went out with friends. I ate a sandwich, put The IT Crowd on instant watch, and did my filing. My physical filing, in fact. There was a moment during which I thought it was pretty pitiful that I was doing that on a Saturday night.

On the other hand, I’ve got my filing done.

I have another 2.67 hours to do for the Brits before midnight GMT, whenever that might be. And I have to go sing in just a minute here. And also there’s a committee meeting at the church today. I’d better get going.