10 The skirt spent the night hanging, and I’ll get it hemmed today.

I was looking for a classic A-line bias-cut skirt with a center seam, like the one in the picture below, but I couldn’t find any patterns like that. The nice lady at the fabric store suggested Simplicity 4236, a circlular skirt. I eliminated the center seam and made it in two pieces rather than four, placing the fold on the true bias of the fabric. This made it possible for me to have a nice diagonal line at the center without worrying about matching seams. The side seams are fairly well matched; I basted and pinned and I’m happy with them.

The skirt itself is different from what I’d thought of. It’s a more youthful style. In fact, it sits 1″ below the natural waist, so that I’ll always feel a little as though my skirt is falling off. It’s a full, flippy skirt with a graceful drape, and I would recommend it. It’s designed to work with border prints, not to be cut on the bias, but it took bias placement pretty well, and I think I’ll enjoy wearing it.

It was exremely easy to make. This didn’t prevent me from making a variety of errors. The waist is finished with twill tape,and I sewed that onto the wrong side and had to take it all off and redo it. I carefully basted one side seam 4236for the zipper, and then just as carefully sewed the zipper into the other side. So the pattern isn’t foolproof, but it is easy enough that it can be made by a fool with a little ripping out and redoing.

#1 son and I got his tuxedo rented. In fact, we got him on the musician plan, where he merely has to call a couple of weeks before his performances and they’ll kit him out without any further bother.

At $50 for everything counting shoes, it wasn’t too bad, but I’ll be haunting flea markets between now and his next concert.

The other issue that’s taking up my thoughts is that of JK, a young woman in the Phillippines who works for my Australian client. She’s supposed to be doing linkbuilding for them, and she’s doing a bad job. I don’t think she’s a blackhat. I think she just doesn’t know any better. After a lot of internal struggle, I told the client what was going on, and they’ve asked me to work with her. I have two hours a week to supervise her work and help her clean up her act. I’ve spent a couple of hours already off the clock working with her in emails back and forth. I’ve gone from abstract “You and I are both experts” emails about linkbuilding to “I’m afraid your articles aren’t doing what you want them to.” Actually, I’m afraid that I’m going to hurt her feelings and make her hate me.

This is a good opportunity for her. She can get training from an experienced linkbuilder and increase her value significantly. She has worked at oDesk for $3 an hour, and while the Aussies are paying her more than that, she could certainly raise her rates if she were better at her job. Is it worth it to her to have someone criticizing her? And how much does the fact that I’m an American who won’t work for less than my normal wholesale rate and she’s an offshore girl who works for way less going to affect the dynamic of our relationship? Maybe she’ll recognize that I’m older than she is and accept my suggestions on that basis instead of thinking of me as a condescending witch who’s trying to take food out of her mouth.

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Coming back to say that she responded very well and is up for some training. If this works out, I might be able to provide that basic linkbuilding at a better rate for my clients who need that. Maybe The Computer Guy will even add a box for her.