first fall color Yesterday morning began with a lightning trip to the farmers’ market, where we scored the last box of raspberries among other tasty stuff. Then we began the search for a suit for #1 son’s homecoming.

It is difficult to find a small size suit on short notice.That Man (who loaned #1 son his very upmarket gear when we couldn’t find anything at the stores) says it’s because Americans as a group are getting bigger.

I don’t know, but we picked up the suit, bought the flowers, dropped off the guys at home, and hightailed it to the party we were late for.

#2 daughter and I had a good time at the party. It was a sit-and-talk kind of thing, with brunch, at Janalisa’s place. We knew some of the other guests, and would like to meet the others again, and the time flew by.

So much so that we barely made it on time to #2 son’s climbing competition.

The climbing place is out in the country. We saw a hint of fall color on our drive out there lcp outside

It is an odd building. Somewhat odd on the outside, where you see a big metal building with a tower in back.

And very odd on the inside, where the walls of the rabbit warren of rooms are studded with real and fake rocks and “features” for climbing.

I was reassured. The boys go climbing with some frequency, and I was glad to see that there were plenty of safety precautions, that a lot of the climbing could lcp inside be done fairly low, and that all the floors were well-padded. People spot for one another, and the older climbers give advice and encouragement to the younger ones. All in all, it seems to be a wholesome way to spend an afternoon.

# 2 daughter and I enjoyed watching the climbers clambering across the ceilings. It was pretty clear that it requires muscle, skill, and focus.

A climbing tea, had come in from the state capitol for the competition, and they seem to have scooped the pool. We drove #2 son and a couple of his buds home and they pointed out to us that the team not only had the experience, but they also had a coach standing there telling them what to do. “It was still a lot of fun,” said Ewok in a satisfied voice.

I had noticed that the coach had also given some tips to other kids, including #2 son. In fact, the supportiveness chalk and camaraderie of the climbers — particularly since it was a competition — impressed me very much.

#2 daughter and I had one complaint. Wait, I take that back. #2 daughter was complaining a bit about the extreme smelliness of the place, but I think that is unavoidable if you have a closed space filled with sweaty guys.

There were a few girls climbing, but the great majority of the participants were guys from 12 to perhaps 30. As far as smell went, we might as well have been in a zoo. But, as I say, that seems natural, and we didn’t notice it much after the first hour or two.

The thing that really got to us was the chalk. I have chosen these pictures to show you because they have no recognizable faces, but all our pictures look like this — as though they were taken in a snowstorm.

Fortunately, the handbells are doing the anthem in church this morning, because we can hardly breathe, let alone sing.

Following this excitement, we rushed home to get #1 son ready for homecoming. He looked very sharp, and I am waiting eagerly to hear about the dance. I feel quite sure that I will not hear about it from him, though. “It was okay,” and grunts in response to direct questions are about what I can expect from him. Dating teens should arrange to have the girl in the couple visit the mom of the boy and tell her all about it. chalk2

We were not able to fit the grocery shopping in at all, so that is the first order of business this morning. Then, once I have that done, I will bake the goodies for this afternoon’s bridal shower. Then church and the party. #2 daughter will be leaving from there, and I will be staying to clean up.

While I had fun yesterday, I must say that if I had had the forethought to take my knitting with me, I could have had that second sock well underway by now.