Canadian National asked for a picture of Salt Peanuts, and here it is, with a cat to add interest.

I’ve put the picture of how it’s supposed to look when it’s finished below.

I had to tear out the entire arm scye and neck and shoulder shaping and start over.

I’ve found, looking around the web, that other people have had the same experience, so it may be that the directions are not written as clearly as they should be.

On the other hand, I’m lacking in both spatial intelligence and accuracy, so it could be user error.

It’s pretty, though, isn’t it?

I did the tearing out and starting over last night while watching DVDs with #1 son. We were also discussing poetry.  Can a poem’s meaning be other than what the poet thinks it is, to be precise. We were talking about Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan. He probably should have been writing his paper, but it may be that having discussed the topic and thought about it will make all the difference.

I was supposed to be at Book Club. However, I haven’t finished the book, and I also really didn’t feel like going out, so I didn’t go. I still got literary conversation.

My usual book club meets when I’m teaching a class, so I can’t go to it any more, and this new one has people in it whom I don’t know at all well, but whom I like and would like get to know better. So far, I’ve missed it two months in a row.

It’s the AAUW book club. So far, I’ve been at some pains to establish myself in this organization as a computer geek who can’t be expected to attend meetings or be on committees or otherwise join in any real world activities. It’s amazing how handy that attitude can be in groups. I can only do this in groups I’ve joined since I became a computer worker, but I hope it’ll keep me off committees in all new organizations.

I also worked on the Dutchman’s Puzzle quilt yesterday. I took out the wonky square and fixed it, and made one more row. I think I have enough fabric for one more row beyond this.

Do you think it’ll mess up the proportions if I add another? I plan to do a narrow border with the sashing fabric, a narrow border with the background fabric (or possibly one pieced from all the fabric scraps, if I get ambitious), and then a deep border with the sashing fabric. Then I believe I’ll applique a bit with the remaining scraps. I really like pieced quilts with appliqued borders. But I don’t want to mess up the ratio of the inner rectangle and make it ugly.

Have you ever thought that making a scrappy quilt is like sudoku? You have to keep any identical blocks from touching each other, and make sure not to have too many of the same color in one row, in both directions. A really disciplined quilter probably makes all the blocks first and then lays them all out, sudoku-like, to make the best possible effect, before sewing them all together.

That would be someone else, not me.