The Mothers of Great Men

9 The living room is clean, and the bathroom and kitchen as well. It’s not very Zen; you can tell that a lot goes on there, and of course there are still dogs lying around, but it’s clean.

The guys helped me, more or less. My husband was the “more” part and the boys were the “less.” #1 son in particular. He hardly did a thing, and what he did he whined about or asked many many questions about how to do it.

I had to wonder whether the mothers of some of the great men of our time had this experience. Were there days when the mothers of Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison felt that they were completely worthless? Later, when they went on to distinguish themselves, did the mothers think, “Well where was all that energy and skill when I needed them to do their chores?”

9 The client meeting was successful. It’s a non-profit, and I really like this woman. In fact, I offered to write her content for free. She really likes #2 daughter’s website, and in fact wants her organization’s to be just exactly like it, with a few little changes — like not using #2 daughter’s picture. So I am hoping to persuade The Comptuer Guy to allow my client to use the design, assuming he makes the changes for her. I could make the changes myself, frankly — we’re talking about replacing three lines of code and the content — but she is quite properly prepared to pay for the design. So, as I say, I offered to throw in the content. If they want more SEO in the future, or something, they can pay me then.

She really enjoyed the hex codes. People for whom hex codes are just a handy means of communication (me, for example), forget how totally fun they are when you first run into them. Here is a very fun tool, which we played with quite a bit, choosing among malibu and cyan3 and making the browns more and less red. 9

As I say, I really like this woman. I might not have spent an hour that way for just anyone.

I enjoyed my relaxing evening. Actually, the whole afternoon and evening were pleasant and quiet, since the menfolks left the building and didn’t return till fairly late in the evening. I had a nice cup of tea with the client and worked out a plan, and then she left and I lolled about reading novels, listening to the rain, and knitting up Erin’s button band. You can see Erin’s actual colors on the right, and then below you can sort of see the button band, or the button band as it might look in hell or something.

When my husband got in, he watched a TV biography of Sarah Palin, so I gave up the whole idea of peace and 9 quiet and got up to speed with Dreamweaver.

I like Dreamweaver a lot. Not as much as InDesign, but still, quite a lot. By the end of my 30-day trial I might really really like it, especially as The Computer Guy is supposed to show me how to use it properly.

I was trying to calculate what I’d have to do to be able to buy both Dreamweaver and InDesign, in addition to paying for my dental work and #1 son’s tuition. It is unlikely.

However, the truth is that while the programs in whole are both great — and different — for design and layout stuff, one text editor is very like another. Dreamweaver, InDesign, Notebook, Visual Studio, WordPress, Blogger, clay tablets with sticks… For me, those software packages, in the absence of book contracts, would really just be toys.







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  1. princess_smartypants Avatar

    That is a lot of tidying!  I’m excited to see Erin.