#1 son confided to #1 daughter, “Mom doesn’t understand how to watch football.”

#2 son confirmed this. “She said, ‘Are they allowed to grab people and push them down like that?’ And then, instead of yelling at the guy who dropped the ball, she was all sorry for him.”

It is true that I had those responses. I didn’t realize that I was doing it wrong. However, in my defense, I have to point out that I never watch football.

Football is often playing on the TV chez fibermom. The other members of my family watch it and yell and jump up and put their hands to their heads and things like that. Presumably, this is watching  football correctly.

I stay with them sometimes — well, often, really. But I don’t watch football. I quilt or knit or fold the laundry or even read a book. I am just there being companionable.

But last night, Partygirl was over. She leaves today for her daughter’s wedding, so we had begun talking about that, and closing her Pampered Chef show, and girly stuff like that. But the game was on, and she started watching it.

So then I had to watch it too. Since I have no idea what is going on in the game per se, the things I notice about it are going to be different from what the other people notice. Just like the people at the opera or ballet who remark on the weight of the artists, or their clothing.

And yes, admittedly, I do often remark on the clothing of the players. I noticed, for example, that the the two teams in yesterday’s battle had the same colors, which I thought would simplify the task of a hostess having a game party. Even if you had guests rooting for different sides of the contest, you could just use those colors and not seem to be taking sides.

My kids were aghast. You wouldn’t invite people from both sides, apparently.

What was I thinking?

I was saved, yesterday, from the temptation to spend 99 cents on a pattern by the fact that the local store did not have any of the new patterns in. Or perhaps they were waiting till their 99 cent sale was over to put them out.

I also did not get any sewing done. Maybe today. It is a beautiful day out there today. Yesterday’s cooking show went well, and I got most of my errands done, did the grocery shopping, got a little bit of housework done, slept. Life is good.