Teal Jacket

Yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day. I had a nap after lunch, and otherwise spent the day watching Numb3rs and working on my jacket.

It was a rainy day, so I was able to feel cozy snuggling up on the sofa, rather than lazy.

Lazy’s not bad on hot days, though.

Anyway, my jacket is now at that point of wonderful promise. It fits, all the pieces are in roughly the right configuration (after many tries at setting in the sleeves), the color is a really good one for me. There is nothing wrong with it — yet.

Now I merely have to do a bad job of pressing, hemming, making the buttonholes, choosing the buttons, or finishing the seams in order to spoil it.

The fabric is a flannel backed gabardine and I’m using the flannel as the right side. It’s a light weight wool, and should be nice to wear for most of the year. It’s a very fine quality and a real pleasure to work with. I ordered it online, so you never know, but it turned out well.

Along with it I bought just one yard of this habotai silk so I could do a nice Hong Kong finish and use it for the lining of the skirt yoke pieces and stuff like that. When it arrived and I saw how pretty it was and how good it looks with this color, I thought to myself that I ought to buy some more and make a blouse of it, but I didn’t do so.

Now there is no more available. Sigh.

In any case, I’m enjoying the sewing. I didn’t work at all yesterday. Today I must finish up my Aussies and put some time in on the unbillable sites, and I also plan to do some housework, but there will definitely be further sewing and lolling about.

I’m also going to make sweet potato gnocchi. I don’t even know how to pronounce “gnocchi,” and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any. However, I have a sweet potato and I’ve taken it into my head to do this, so that’s the plan.

Tomorrow is #2 son’s birthday and I failed to arrange his cake delivery. Since the bakeries in his school’s town are not open on Sundays, I will be trying to line up a bakery from which I can make an order online, or at least very first thing tomorrow morning. Another sigh.

It is also week four of the HGP. This is the week to clean and tidy our master bedrooms (mine really needs it) and also the week to get started on gifts. We should buy 1/8 of the presents we plan to buy and start spending an hour a day on our handmade gifts. We should also get a meal into the freezer and a batch of cookies, too. I didn’t do either of those things last week, but maybe I will this week. Who knows?







2 responses to “Teal Jacket”

  1. pink_hebe Avatar

    Gnocchi = knocky.

    I love the jacket! I also love that you loll about. Lolling is an excellent skill. We should all enjoy lolling (and lollygagging occasionally).

    I’ve bought some of my Christmas presents, but have not dealt with my master bedroom…. Hmm. Wonder where this puts me?

  2. fibermom Avatar

    @pink_hebe – We still have today — I’m hoping to get my master bedroom done!