It’s Master Bedroom Week at the Holiday Grand Plan. I put chili in the freezer for last week and bought extra baking supplies, and we are to put a meal and a batch of goodies in the freezer this week too. I bought a couple of Christmas gifts. I didn’t make final decisions on homemade gifts and sort out the supplies and so forth, but I might do that this week. Stranger things have happened.

We all have to clean this week, since we all probably have at least one bedroom, and we are also supposed to do these things:

  • Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  • Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  • Buy two canned food items from menus (get 2 of each item, one to use and one to donate to food drive).
  • Buy 1/8th of TO BUY gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before buying. Ask for gift boxes
  • Wrap and label packages. If needing to ship, get some shipping boxes now and store packages in them.
  • Work at least 1 hour a day on homemade gifts.
  • Make list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing before the holidays, and pick up a few each week.