Sad to say, I didn’t finish that cleaning yesterday. I did the grocery shopping, plus a bat for the quilt at 52% off (Hancock’s, if you need any quilt batting, and McCall’s patterns are 99 cents, too) and then had to rest.

Fortunately, Netflix sent me The Big Bang Theory, so I spent some time lying on the couch watching that.

Then I had a virtual meeting with The Firm. #2 daughter and I felt that we were accomplishing a lot and getting things all figured out. #1 daughter, our Project Manager, was aghast. She pointed out that we had already done all kinds of things for our project without having a budget or a timeline. We had engaged people without getting estimates and even paid for things, and we had tech and logistical issues that we hadn’t worked out at all.

“Think of us as a new client,” I said. #2 daughter suggested that #1 could make us a proposal. She took the position that clients never came to us with so much stuff to disentangle.

I said encouragingly that it would be good practice. #1 didn’t sound encouraged. And in fact, the more that #2 and I reminded her that this was exactly why her PM skills were so essential in The Firm, the more she decried all the abstract thinking we had going on, and said we were bad clients.

I think this was all done in a happy collegial spirit.

The meeting ended promptly at the two-hour mark, and I went and put the borders on the quilt. I’m toying with the idea of pressing it before I sandwich it, since I should have been pressing all along and haven’t been.

It may be too late, though.

I went to bed early and read.

Today begins Master Bedroom Week on the HGP. I didn’t do everything from last week, but really any little bit you do makes things better than if you do nothing. I did order the supplies for the handmade gifts I’m planning, and I may just extend last week for one more day to get the living room finished.

Here are the other things we’re supposed to do:

  • Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
  • Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
  • Buy two canned food items from menus (get 2 of each item, one to use and one to donate to food drive).
  • Buy 1/8th of TO BUY gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before buying. Ask for gift boxes
  • Wrap and label packages. If needing to ship, get some shipping boxes now and store packages in them.
  • Work at least 1 hour a day on homemade gifts.
  • Make list of any table and bathroom linens that need replacing before the holidays, and pick up a few each week.

You can see that all this relies heavily on our having done the stuff we were told to during List Week.

Mostly, today, I plan to take it rather easy. I have a lot of things on my to-do list, but I’m staying home from church, so that automatically gives me five hours for resting. I’m going to make some tea and put a spinach and mushroom quiche in the oven. While the kettle boils, I can put chicken in the crockpot, and tonight I’ll make two pans of King Ranch Chicken, one for the freezer. If I do a bit of cleaning and/or stir up some cookies while the quiche bakes, I’ll be caught up on the HGP.

I have papers to grade and my Next Steps from yesterday’s meeting. I need to retake my html certification test, but there’s no great hurry on that, and I may wait till I feel completely recovered for that. The whole point of retaking is to get a better score (I passed it last time, but I didn’t get the score I wanted). I also have to find a photographer who’s in my editor’s budget and can take on a job at short notice.

But there is definitely resting on my schedule, so I’ll be completely recovered tomorrow.