9 I’m going to have to improve my picture-taking, that’s all.

I decided to take a picture before people arrived and before there was any food on the table, so that I could make a point of getting a good picture. of the dishes, at least, and of the centerpiece. At The Empress’s party, which was quite photogenic, I didn’t even think of taking my camera.

Notice that I have mystic angelic lighting on all the interesting parts of the table. The thing that is clear and visible is an empty baking dish.

Still, I remembered to take a picture of the cooked stuff.

Did it include any identifiable shot of the charming centerpiece? Nope. It’s even blurry, which is hard to achieve with modern cameras.

I have another show today. I’ll try again. 9

Yesterday didn’t involve much lolling around. I cleaned house all morning, and then went to watch #2 son’s gymnastics class, after which I set up the show and prepared paper work. The show didn’t end until after 7:30, and by then the kids were starving. I fed them something sketchy and cleaned the kitchen. Then I did more paperwork while the family watched football.

Today will be a repeat, but with an earlier ending time, so I am again planning to loll around.

The book Keeping House: A Litany of Everyday Life addressed the repetitiousness of housework. That is the main problem with it, of course. I spent hours cleaning yesterday, but I will have to do quite a bit of it again today before the guests arrive.

Peterson suggests that we think of this as rhythmic repetition, like seasons or the liturgy, not as the Labors of Sisyphus.

I’m working on that.

This week for the HGP, we are cleaning the master bath, buying 1/8 of our bought presents, working an hour a day on our handmade presents (oh, I am sure behind on that), checking the family’s clothes to be sure they have something to wear to all holiday events, laying in some canned goods (the ones we intend to use for the holidays, with duplicates for charity), and putting a meal and a batch of goodies in the freezer. This is also the week to go through the kids’ toys and clothes and donate all the outgrown stuff to charity. My kids are too old for me to do that for them. I may be eyeing those Nerf guns, but I won’t actually make that deicison for them.

We are having lovely days. They are in the upper 80s, so it isn’t exactly fall weather, but the feel and the light are not like summer. This is the point where it is possible to believe that fall is coming.