I have a stack of books. Those who know me will wonder what I am talking about, as stacks of books are not exactly in short supply around my place. However, what I have is a stack of unread books. This is not so usual lately. I have taken up Booksfree, after all, and they only send you two books at a time. I have also been conscientiously buying only books that I Need (I am not prepared to defend my definition of “need” here), so I only have a couple of unread books at a time nowadays.

However, Booksfree and I have gotten out of sync, so I got two packages from them on the same day. And it happened that on that day I had bought my Book Club book, plus another lighter novel because the Book Club book looked so deeply depressing that I thought I might need a relief book in order to get through it.

So I ended up with six unread books on my nightstand. Such a feeling of luxury!

And good timing, as it happened, because I have a cold. It is also raining. If you are going to have a cold, it is an excellent plan to have it when it is raining and you have a nice stack of assorted paperbacks. I also had a visit from the Schwan’s man, so overall, this cold is about as convenient as a cold could be.

I did sandwich up my quilt and begin quilting it, by the way, but it is still too hot for quilting, so I did not get very far. Also, I am too weak to hold up the hoop. Fortunately, I have Brooklyn to fall back on. I have completed both fronts (and did end up with a right and a left) and have begun the sleeves. This is not Sleeve Island, though, as the sleeves are more complex than the back or the fronts.

But mostly I am lying around reading and feeling sorry for myself. Or as sorry for myself as a person who has a home and a job and knows her family are all safe decently can.