Yesterday was fun. We went to the farmers market for vegetables (I like the way the squash are all standing up in this picture) and the Asian market for a case of noodles for #2 son. We visited a client and hung around talking. #2 daughter went home after dinner (she works at a church), #1 daughter went out, and the boys watched football together in brotherly camaraderie.
This is Living Room week for the HGP, and my living room sure needs it. We are also supposed to buy extra flour and sugar when we go to the grocery store, and put a meal in the freezer. I’m planning to make a stew today, so I’ll make enough to feed us and to make a freezer meal.

Order your Christmas cards — the nice women at Heliotrope had some by one of my favorite artists, so I did that. I also attempted to take a picture of my kids since they were all here, but #2 son was uncooperative. It will serve him right if I send out a picture of him looking grumpy. I’m not allowed to share these pictures, but here you can see my family all unrecognizably walking away.

The HGP considers this the week to do general browsing and philosophical discussions, too. You can learn about the holidays your friends from different faith traditions celebrate, and contemplate what Christmas means to you, while it’s still early enough to change things if your celebration doesn’t always reflect that.

Here are the HGP’s suggested questions:

  • Do I see Christmas time primarily as a time for entertaining friends and renewing long lost acquaintances or as a time for family?
  • How much emphasis do our Christmas activities place on the spiritual side of Christmas?
  • How involved is my family in the Christmas preparation?
  • What activities are particularly important to our family at Christmas? To myself?
  • Why do we observe the traditions we do in our house?
  • How important is an elaborately decorated house, homemade gifts or food, to my feelings about Christmas?
  • What would my ideal Christmas be like?

This is also the week to browse through holiday magazines or books and make some decisions about holiday crafting. Because, let’s face it, if you decide to make gifts between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will be wrapping up a lot of UFOs and presenting them with apologies.