I was intending to make football-shaped piroshki, football-shaped brownies, and chili (which I could have served in a football-shaped bread bowl, but let’s not get carried away) for Superbowl Sunday with my husband and kids. However, it is snowing and it is just me and my husband, who will totally not be impressed by football shapes. I have therefore made casual circular piroshkis, an ordinary square pan of brownies, and chili. There will be salad, too.

I have been sewing the rayon 2-piece and watching Miss Fisher’s Mysteries on Netflix. These are based on the Phryne Fisher novels, which are set in Australia in the ’20s. This made me think of the Jazz Age, which made me try to get all the Ages in order:

  • the Stone Age
  • the Bronze Age
  • the Iron Age
  • the Middle Ages
  • the Age of Exploration
  • the Gilded Age
  • the Jazz Age
  • the Atomic Age
  • the Space Age
  • the Information Age.

That’s all I could think of.  Wikipedia offered the Machine Age, between the Gilded Age and the Jazz Age, and the Big Data Age, which sounds stupid so I hope it won’t take.

In between there are eras, dynasties, and whatnot, but we seem to have had an assortment of tech ages, one age of activity, an age marked with a moral judgement (gilded) and one identified with the arts. Not sure what conclusion can be drawn from this.

The series does a great job with Miss Fisher and her crew, and the costumes are inspiring.