I haven’t made a full SWAP in years and probably won’t accomplish one in 2017, either. But I enjoy planning them and I am taking another PSD today, so I thought I’d plan one just for fun.

The new style SWAP has 12 pieces:

  • Core 4 (jacket, skirt, pants, top)
  • Inner column 2 (top, skirt)
  • Outer column 2 (jacket, pants)
  • Print 2-piece (top, skirt)
  • Twinset 2 (top, jacket)

That means 3 jackets, 3 skirts, 2 pants,and  4 tops.

Here’s the print I chose as the centerpiece of my last SWAP plan, a lovely silk georgette:

There’s the bright electric blue. and the light and dark taupe shades.

And here’s a pretty embroidered piece, resting on a jersey and a lovely wool crepe, both obviously in the warm browns family.

I made the light taupe trousers earlier this month and sewed up my third pair of pants today, in the dark taupe. So basically I was planning on teal and taupe.

Here is Pantone’s Fall 2017 palette for New York. Note the complete lack of dark brown.

I gave up the Pantone palette custom last year and went with the taupe and blue green plan. But this year there is a nice blue green, pale taupe, and the main neutral is gray.

Grenadine and Butterrum are slight variations on the taupe and coral combination we’ve seen in recent seasons. I have a length of pale taupe sateen waiting to be made into a skirt, and a ponte knit cardigan in that coral.

Spruce and Gray are such an obvious option for me; I have suit lengths in both, and actually have a WIP gray jacket from last year, as well as a completed top and pants. If I add a skirt, I’ll have the Core 4. The pieces I made yesterday could both count as Spruce if I’m not being picky.


Spruce and Port (AKA blue green and burgundy) are two of my favorite colors. We haven’t worn them together for years, but I might seize the opportunity.

This looks like an odd combination, but maybe we’ll get used to it by the end of the year. I have quite a few fabrics in pale pink.

So I could go ahead and sew up the teal and brown capsule, or I could shop in my stash for cloth and yarn and plan a new SWAP for 2017.

Maybe my georgette print can wait around until I’m as thin as I’m going to get before getting cut and sewn.