Here’s my SWAP piece for the week, and there it is below peeping from one of my favorite jackets. True, the pictures show that I need a better acquaintance with my ironing board, but I like the top.


I’m on track with my SWAP, and planning a PSD (Personal Sewing Day) to get the skirt done for this week.

As for the Wake Up Project, I woke wiht my husband at 2:15 and again to let the dog out at 3:00 and again to let the dog in at 3:30. I got back to sleep at some point, and woke again at 7:00, less than fully refreshed. I think it might be the interrupted sleep rather than the caffeine or screen time or what I’m eating.

Too early for conclusions, though.

I should keep in mind that my husband actually has to get up at 2:15 and go to work in a factory. I am whining about the difficulty of getting back to sleep and the imperfections of interrupted sleep, while he’s in the forge room for twelve hours.

I still want to wake in the morning feeling good, but I am at least aware of the irony.