If I sew one garment a week, I’ll have a spring capsule by the time the weather warms up. So I started by finishing up two tops this past week: a violet T with the front gathered into a yoke and a green rayon top with a graceful scarf collar.


For this week’s garment, I’ve cut a two piece dress in a rayon print and sewn the front to the yoke:


This is Radiant Orchid, of course, from an odd border print that includes a number of the season’s colors:


If you look closely, you can see that I cut the yoke for the top from the very edge of the border and the front piece from the more solid center:


The skirt has the border at the edge and on the yoke.

SWAP means Sewing with a Plan, though, and I have a plan.

The two-piece print dress is from this pattern:


I’ll make the pants in a khaki very near to this spring’s “Sand,” in a polyester/rayon/cotton blend called “Astaire.”

The jacket is charming, and I could sew it up in a nice orchid and wear it with the dress for Easter, but I probably won’t.

Instead, I am using this pattern to make a jacket, pants, and skirt in gray:



Whichever of the two skirts I like best I’ll make in sand as well. At that point I’ll have three skirts, two pairs of pants, a jacket , and three tops. To follow the rules, I’ll make two more tops: the one from the pattern above in a bright blue linen, and the one shown below.


We are supposed to pull the colors of the solid tops from the colors in the print, which I have done in the plan as given. However, I do not currently have another solid from the print. If I find a lovely length of hemlock green, as in the picture, I’ll be set.¬† If not, I am tempted to use this pretty Tama lawn:


Of course, that would be breaking the rules. However, I have to admit that I rarely wear print skirts, or indeed skirts of any kind. I can definitely see wearing a flowing blouse of Liberty lawn with pants, with or without a jacket.

I have a little while to think about it.

Will I actually succeed in completing the jacket? Will I make a garment a week, even with last week’s headstart? We’ll see.

I also plan to complete six other projects this year in the areas of quilting and knitting. Looking back, I find that I accomplished that last year, in the Year of Failure. I willtherefore¬† merely be adding a SWAP to last year’s tally. I can do that.