True confessions: I’m a swatching slacker. My typical swatching looks like the swatch below: two square inches repeated on different sizes of needles until I get gauge for whatever I’ve decided to make.


I bought the lovely pink hand-dyed silk and wool specifically to knit the Chimera cardigan, so I just kept using larger needles till I reached the correct gauge. I cast on, started in on the complex and challenging pattern, and after half a dozen rows I realized that the resultant fabric was sloppy and sleazy.

I turned around and knitted up one repeat of the cable for another dozen rows, and had to admit that it wasn’t the right yarn for the sweater.

This made me sad.

I frogged the whole thing.

Now, do I swatch properly and find a more suitable pattern, or do I keep my sights on Chimera and swatch my way (properly) through my stash in search of the right yarn for Chimera?

Or do the math and adapt the pattern to the yarn?