#1 daughter and I went to pick up her new car, and I took the opportunity to swatch for Alice, the next sweater I plan to knit.

This is from La Droguerie’s new book, “le mini dressing,” a collection for babies.

The yarn is Duvet d’Anjou, an Angora/wool blend, and I’ll be using size 2 needles.

I need to get it made before the littlest Little outgrows it.

The girls came over for lunch and to play later on, and we played with pirate treasure, dinosaurs, toucans, dolls, and cars.

We sorted sea shells, too. I even got to read most of a story book to the Littles.

After they went home, I did a bit of housework, had dinner, and then, coughing a lot, settled in to work on Chimera.

I’m feeling better, but the cough is lingering on.

I’ll frog the Alice swatch, wind the yarn, and cast on 65 stitches. I think this will be a good Zombie project to balance the epic Chimera.