I did some swatching for the Cloverleaf tank from KnitPicks Renew last night. I’m using CotLin in Surf on a size 2 needle and it is just a little bit small.

Having gotten to this point, I decided to look back at May 2019. I’ve gained 5 pounds during the quarantine, from eating wrong and exercising too little. I’ve been feeling like I need a vacation, and failing to clean my house or follow my excellent daily routine. I’ve even been spending a lot on recreational shopping.

I’ve been blaming this on the quarantine. But I found that just exactly this time last year I did a reset of my habits after falling away.

May used to be vacation time, the end of the school year, and maybe that’s all that’s going on. Or that, plus the coronavirus.

I also made #3 Grand a little wardrobe last year at this same time. Apparently I am a creature of habit.

Obviously. I have actually worked hard to become a creature of habit. But I must use those habits for good, not for evil. Or, if evil is too strong a word, not for things that are not good for me.