The vest is finished, except for blocking. In general, I like it a lot. I will definitely make it again.

However, I don’t like the neckline. The vest is designed to have edges that are finished, more or less, as you knit.

There’s an interesting back neck band which I might try out when I next make this.

It’s also designed to have a sort of triangle of ribbing. I replaced that with a nice cable from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. That could be why the edges just look messy rather than rustic and interesting.

So I picked up the stitches around the neck and made a small ribbing band — small enough to look like the edging on the armholes.

But then the armhole edgings looked messy, too.

Sonow I’m thinking maybe I should do the edging at the armholes as well. I tried the vest on to see how messy it looks while being worn. The answer is — not very.

I think it needs edging, though. I should still be able to finish it today. Then a blocking to get the cable looking its best, and it’ll be ready to wrap.