A couple of years ago I started the Nantucket Jacket. I thought I had run out of yarn, something I did twice that year, but I was wrong.

As I was tidying my crafts room, I found the other half of the yarn.

I never had the heart to frog the back of the jacket, which was as far as I had gotten. But it’s the wrong size now, and it also has quite a few errors.


So I can frog it and start over… at some point in the future.

Right now, I’m in the middle of Adiri #3 and also the Lady Gansey.


However, I’ve also been planning to make a perfectly Knit to Flatter sweater, based on all I’ve learned from my Craftsy class with Amy Herzog.

And I also found the skeins of Victorian Rose yarn I bought at the same time. While I bought sweater quantities of two of the contrast colors in my Fall 2016 SWAP print, I could not help but notice that Victorian Rose looks a lot like Dusty Cedar.


It might be nice to have my Twin Set (from the alternate SWAP system I learned in class #1) be a jersey blouse and a hand knitted cardigan.


I swatched on number 5 needles, and got roughly 5 to the inch, which is the right gauge for the Delish Cardigan, recommended for ladies who have a bit extra in the middle. This looks like a nice addition to my wardrobe.

On the other hand, I was planning to make the Chimera cardigan.


Or maybe the Draper.


Both of these require different gauges.

Okay. Delish it is. It’s more in the spirit of the SWAP, anyway.

Now, do I drop my two on-the-needles sweaters and jump into Delish on the grounds that it’s part of my summer class?