DSCN3988 I started working yesterday at 3:00 a.m., drove #1 son to work in an enormous storm, finished up with a strategy meeting with #1 daughter, and then switched over to knitting and reading.

I began the armscye shaping for #2 son’s Christmas sweater and swatched in Pima Silk for #2 daughter’s ditto.

Last night Toby stayed outside the bedroom door mourning piteously and very loudly. I shushed him. My husband shushed him. It went on for hours — or possibly not, because I was still trying to sleep, so I might not have been very accurate in my time estimates.

However, two nights of insufficient sleep have taken a bit of a toll. I’m feeling achy and tired. I also have a great deal of work to do today. I realized yesterday that I had forgotten to go sing at the Presbytery meeting on Friday night, and I am not going to church today, either.

Toby is hiding in the bathtub. It is possible that my husband got up and shouted at him in the wee hours of the morning.

I’m having tea and Claritin, then on to breakfast and to my computer. Possibly a nap in the afternoon.