In the book How to Hide an Empire,  the author claims that the rise of synthetics in WW2 made tropical colonies unnecessary. Without the need for rubber, silk, quinine, and tin, he figures, we didn’t need to worry about who had control of Burma and the Congo.

I generally prefer natural fibers, and I don’t take enough drugs to be affected by synthesis of pharmaceuticals. I use as much plastic as the next girl, I expect, and rely on petroleum products like every other American, but I have never taken the leap to the relative global unimportance of the tropics.

It’s been a lively week. I had a meeting this morning and was planning to do the grocery shopping afterwards, and then to join #1 daughter and the Baby in their weekend amusements. However, my husband had left his keys in my car, turned on, and drained the battery.

So I ended up having to have the meeting at my house (not cleaned) and to skip the grocery. Fortunately, I had the ingredients for Chicken Marengo on hand. I settled in with my silks, cotton, and linen for a day of knitting and watching Jonathon Creek.

Further labeling and tidying is making my pantry pretty awesome, and I did some a little bit of cleaning, but that was about it.

#1 daughter is going to come and jump start my car or at least give me a ride to church in the morning. I am sick and tried of sharing a car with my husband, but I am also trying to be sympathetic rather than cross about this latest screw up. Heaven knows I’ve made plenty of mistakes of my own.