I finished #2 son’s Christmas sweater vest yesterday. I also did the grocery shopping and bought the remaining Christmas stuff on my list — gift tags, stuff like that. I decorated the mantel and wrapped some presents and got started on one of the remaining gifts. I also planned the meals for the week we’ll have family visiting and made a grand grocery list. I ordered all the non-perishables from Amazon and wrote the perishables list out in my planner.

So it was a reasonably productive day. It was also a reasonably relaxed day. This morning, however, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I still need to do.

This is probably because I didn’t stick with the Organized Christmas Holiday Grand Plan. That system has kept me calm at Christmas for years, but here I am on the second Sunday of Advent with presents still to make and buy, cleaning to do, decorating not yet finished, and the guest room not yet made up.

Today I’m going to visit #1 daughter and the Littles, and maybe also drop by #2 son’s place with DIL’s mended trousers. If I get them mended, that is. And I need to prep for the OLLI class I’m teaching tomorrow.

Truthfully, I feel like taking another relaxing knitting day, but I must get to church and also get some things done. Maybe a Master Task list will help.