Biden Wins!

It’s so nice to have the election settled. Trump is still seeking frantically for a way to keep his position, but all major news outlet are saying things like, “Citing ‘horror stories,’ President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of fabricated […]


Halloween 2020

I got up and tidied the house and did some baking, feeling silly. However, #1 daughter invited me to a socially distanced small family group celebration at the farm, so I will take these goodies and not have to feel […]


Staying Home Some More

I baked. I organized cabinets. I sorted out cookbooks. I tidied the living room. I did virtual church and had conversations with my daughters. I wrote reviews. I knitted. The continuing quarantine (except for people who are going around spreading […]


Freezer Goodies?

The Holiday Grand Plan involves baking treats and putting them into the freezer each week. When it’s time for holiday parties and Christmas gift boxes, you’ve got lots of different kinds of cookies ready. This part of the plan became […]


Lavender and Lemon Cake


I made this lavender and lemon cake yesterday, with whole wheat pastry flour and reduced amounts of butter and sugar. If this doesn’t sound appealing, then you might like the recipes Target included in their dorm life catalog. One involves […]




Crafting at last! Here are pieces 2 and 3 of SWAP Part III. I finished up the skirt of burgundy cord, and got the machine sewing done on the green linen top. “Linen” of course being a euphemism for “wrinkled.” […]


Practicing Pastry


My consultant kit for my new businessĀ arrived a couple of days ago. So yesterday, when #2 son got home from school, he looked around in theatrical consternation and said, “I would have thought that you would have been practicing using […]