Piping Merrily

I have twelve websites to work on today, so I’m giving you a quick, sprightly song: The Shepherd’s Pipe Carol. Written by John Rutter in 1966 when he was still a student, this is a good song to play while […]


Past 3:00

Today’s song is “Past 3:00,” a carol composed by George Ratliffe Woodward. The lyricsare hard to catch as you listen, possibly because we so rarely use words like “Ne’ertofore.” Past Three O’clock a.k.a. Past 3 a Clock Past three o’clock […]


Brightest and Best

I went last night to the rehearsal at the down-the-hill church, instead of the up-the-hill church where I have been going. The difference is striking. At the up-the-hill church, everyone scurries to be on time, enters and takes a seat […]


I Heard the Bells


Last night we had a three hour rehearsal. The orchestra wasn’t quite ready yet, so they had more than that. They were working on the arias when we choristers arrived, and the director kept them after we left. We were […]