Design Your Wardrobe 2020


La Bella and I went to “The Book of” yesterday. My outfit, which I also wore to church and Sunday school, was entirely me-made. Elle pants in peacock blue, the top from the 2018 two-piece dress, and the green boucle […]


Charlotte’s Knickers

It was a lovely sunny morning followed by a good soaking rain. I continued my little holiday and finished Charlotte’s knickers. I’ll make the rest of her ensemble, but I did a little bit of sewing first. I completed the […]


DYW Day 4

I’ve completed two pairs of pants and one top. Today I’ll make the HotPatterns Coco Jacket. I watched Pam Howard’s Craftsy class on sewing with knits and feel prepared. I’m assuming that I can sew it up in the morning […]


Seamwork DYW: Closet

The next step for the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe project is to identify the items from your closet that will work with your Fall Collection. I laid out the fabric for the 2-piece print dress and the fabric in the […]


Seamwork DYW Story

The story for DYW is supposed to be an adjective plus a noun that encapsulates the story of the collection we’re planning. I’m using the same color palette as for the Spring collection, though I’m swapping the pastels for deeper […]


Poolside Plus Pink Lemonade

I was glad to see that this color combination, a pair of colors I included in my SWAP plan, isn’t just me. Here’s Ketch with the HotPatterns Tailored T and Elle Pants — very distinctly what the ad above calls […]