Family Time

#2 son and his GF came through our state yesterday. #1 son and his wife and daughter joined us for dinner. It was great to see everyone. #1 granddaughter brought craft supplies and we made pillows. Otherwise, we had dinner […]


Chili Dinner

#1 daughter and her family, #2 daughter, #1 son and his family all came over for chili tonight. What a pleasure! We’ve had one kid or another staying with us for a week, and will have #2 daughter’s dog with […]


A Schedule?

"Today I brew, tomorrow I bake, the next day the queen's child I'll take,  For little deems my royal dame that Rumpelstiltskin is my name!" A schedule is a basic tool and has been since at least the time of […]

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DNA: My Parents

I'm using Throwback Thursday to start my genealogical journey. I have data back to the Middle Ages, but all DNA journeys have to begin with parents. Mine were born in 1936. He was born in Washington, D.C. and she was […]


Gull Stitch

Gull stitch, shown above against the garter stitch, is a simple pattern stitch. It’s seven inches wide and four inches tall, so it can be memorized very quickly and used in many settings. Wrong side rows are always purled and […]