good and evil


Sex and Food

“If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once. But, of course, when people say, ‘Sex is nothing to be ashamed of,’ they may mean ‘the state into which the sexual instinct has now got […]



I’m almost finished with my exploration of the Seven Deadly Sins. The penultimate sin is Envy, which is the sin of envying other people. If Wrath is about allowing a natural visceral emotion to become so uncontrolled that it leads […]


Horrible Henry

I had to pull out yards of wool again last night when I realized that Horrible Henry once again had errors. It’s a simple pattern — k2 slip2– but it starts at a different point in each row so as […]



While sleeping in till 6:30 makes me feel like my normal self, getting up at 4:00, going back to bed at 5:00, and sleeping till 7:00 makes me feel even worse than the usual sleep deprived state. That was my […]


Evil and Cookies


Once again The Evil Mad Scientist is making cookies. The Evil Mad Scientist charmed me a couple of years ago with Fractal Cookies and now has made cookies reflecting 2D projections of 3D probability density maps of hydrogen atoms. I […]