Happy Planner


Chaotic Planning

Here’s last week’s planner spread, begun with optimism and a clear color scheme. Over the course of the week, it got crowded and chaotic and somewhat emotional, with a “Disapproving Ostrich” sticker on the day my husband and I had […]


Little Things


Little things are 1/6 boxes, roughly.The most common system is to use To-do with checklist or checkboxes, Today with full boxes, and Little Things with a stack of 1/6 boxes. Some people use them for TV shows, expected packages, and […]


Planner Tweaks

I realized that there was no way to mark the current pages of the Happy Planner, so I used one of the decorative inserts to make a tab. Not sturdy, I’m sure, but careful handling seems to be a requirement […]


Printables for Planners

The Happy Planner movement has led to a plethora of free printables as well as an impressive sticker cottage industry. The free ones above are from Vintage Glam Studios and I Heart Planners. I figured that the free printables would […]



  This is the time of year when I reorder my planner, as well as refills for those of my kids/team who use paper planners. This year, I found myself rethinking my planner use situation. The shot above shows a […]