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The Biopsy


I thought the biopsy would be like drawing blood. It was actually more like surgery. I was given a hospital gown and tucked into bed with an IV and Valium. The operation itself was peculiar. It involved ultrasound, numbing shots, […]


Fleming Is Finished!

Fleming, a pattern from Clan Arans knitted with wool from the Aran Sweater Market, size 38 on #5 needles, is complete. It’s gorgeous. I have enough of the wool left to make a hat or something, but I have done […]


Pants size

I got a pair of size 26 Levi’s. I’m wearing them right now. When I was in college, when Levi’s were all in men’s sizes, I wore 28×28 Levi’s, but I read online that you should just order your waist […]


Me and Wii

I used to do 30 minutes — 3,000 steps — with Wii Fit every day while watching the news. Then I bought my husband a new TV for Christmas and the Wii didn’t work with the new TV. I couldn’t […]


Wilderness Knits

My yarn arrived from Iceland. Yes, Iceland. I’m intending to make the Forestfox Sweater. But I also received this book: Wilderness Knits. It only has a few designs, with multiple variations on each one. They’re all that same type of […]


Epic and Zombie Knitting

I like to have an epic project that requires concentration and a zombie project I can knit without looking during Zoom meetings or while reading. I’m making the Fleming sweater, which is obviously epic, and I have Chimera on my […]

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Planned Projects

I’ve finished the Kaisa sweater and will block it and see how it worked out. I’m putting it that way because the sleeves are, as you can see in the photo, tiny. I hope, since it has a lace yoke, […]


Hot Saturday

I was awake from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., visiting the bathroom every few minutes and cleaning up after the occasion when I wasn’t quick enough, possibly because I went to sleep. That was not fun. I took a couple of […]



One of the yarn purchases I made did not work out the way I hoped. I wanted this turquoise yarn, super light for summer tops, at an amazing price. I ordered five skeins, enough for a pretty summer top, and […]