Die Fledermaus

I enjoyed last night’s performance of Die Fledermaus a great deal. This was true even though I didn’t feel like going when I left, even though it required driving at night on a scary stretch of road (that is, the […]


Where Does Music Come From?

Good meeting today with the realtors whose site we’re building — The Art Professor brought the wireframe and we had a good collaborative discussion¬† with the clients. I got home to find The Band outside my door, one minute to […]


Beethoven’s Health

I went yesterday with Egypt and La Bella to see Moises Kayfman’s 33 Variations, a play including the stories of Beethoven’s creation of 33 variations on a waltz by music publisher Diabelli and that of a musicologist with ALS. The […]


Goodbye Summer

Tonight we went back to choir practice.Our new choir director is a pianist I’ve been acquainted with for a long time. We’re a small town, so musicians tend to be acquainted with one another. I like him, I like his […]


The Brass

This week included a lot of fun. Monday night I rehearsed the Poulenc Gloria. Tuesday La Bella and I went to hear a brass quintet. Brass instruments are always less orderly than other instruments, but you don’t usually notice it […]




This morning when I woke, I found that one dog had wet her bed and another had made a mess on the kitchen floor. Once I had dealt with that and fed the monsters, the third dog vomited on the […]


Come and Dwell

We had a bunch of new hymns for a 9/11 festival we have coming up. “Come and Dwell in Solomon’s Halls” was completely new to us, and Egypt and I were both tearing up over it. It’s just a beautiful […]


A Remarkable Day


We had a new piece for the Chorale last night: A Musicological Journey Through the 12 Days of Christmas. How funny this piece is may depend on how knowledgeable you are about music history. It starts with Gregorian chant about […]