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Sports Quilt Complete

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Bad pictures, but the quilt turned out well

Quilting in July

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

I usually stop quilting for the summer around the Fourth of July. This year I’m continuing to work on the Little Boy’s quilt. I like these golden stars with the appliquéd sports motifs. I’ve been having a devil of a time marketing them, though. The marking pencil I started with breaks every time it gets […]

Sports Quilt

Friday, July 15th, 2016

The backing for The Little Boy’s quilt arrived yesterday, so last night I washed and dried it, sandwiched it with the quilt top and batting — and sewed on wide red borders at the sides of the quilt to make it fit better — and pinned it all together. I’m using the small frame again. […]

T-Shirt Quilt

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I got #1 son’s quilt sewn together this weekend. Yes, I know the corners don’t match properly, but if they did, he would feel as though someone else had made it, and not his mother. My husband and I got the quilting frame out of the garage and set up, sandwiched the quilt top, backing, […]

Celtic Illuminations

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Okay, I admit I’m eating at my desk, but at least it’s good stuff. I didn’t work at all yesterday. Or at least not more than an hour so so.  Otherwise I did things like grocery shopping, housework, and planning a quilt for #1 son. I’m using the Celtic Illuminations set of quilt fabrics, and […]

Business Meeting

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Sad to say, I didn’t finish that cleaning yesterday. I did the grocery shopping, plus a bat for the quilt at 52% off (Hancock’s, if you need any quilt batting, and McCall’s patterns are 99 cents, too) and then had to rest. Fortunately, Netflix sent me The Big Bang Theory, so I spent some time […]

Life is Good

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I went to a craft fair with Partygirl yesterday, after having finished up a little bit of work while the boys were sleeping. We strolled around admiring everyone’s beautiful stuff, made a couple of small purchases, grabbed business cards, and (once Partygirl suggested it to me) I handed out my cards as well. Most of […]

The Jelly Roll

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

After class and blogging and client meetings and choir practice, I watched Leverage and  worked on Dutchman’s Puzzle. I think it’s going to be very pretty. I’ve got three rows completed and sewn together. That’s half of the middle section. The pattern I was ostensibly following at some point when I started had just blocks […]

Dutchman’s Puzzle

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

I’ve finished half the Dutchman’s Puzzle blocks, so I thought I’d play around with them a bit and decide on a setting. The pattern puts all the blocks together with no sashing: I decided that this was too wiggly-looking, and that sashing would be needed. Initially I had planned to use the same solid-colored fabric […]

Fall Quilts

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

If you always read my xanga and have total recall, then you know that there is a certain up-in-the-airness about my job. I’ve been doing the same job for 13 years or so (I forget exactly how many, but it’s a long time). However, over the past year the business has had some issues and […]

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