Notre Pere

“Praying is a dangerous act.. you can end up changed.” It is World Communion Sunday, and I did my part in the worship serice by praying “que ta volonte soit faite sure la terre comme au ciel.” We had Korean, […]




In Tuesday class we were told that it’s fine to have desires, but not to allow them to to become so absorbing that they turn into demands. If we’re willing to hurt others, including other people’s feelings, if we’re willing […]


God’s Plans

  #1 daughter is reading¬†The Purpose Driven Life, so we were talking about the idea that God has plans for us. I wrote about this a couple of years ago, when I was unemployed and people were telling me this. […]


Housing Authority


Yesterday the choirlet went to sing at a church service being held by the Housing Authority in a nearby town. The service was held in what must be the recreation center of a low-income housing development; there was a pool […]



I don’t know that this can be called a better picture, but it may show the stitch detail better. This is the whole of the lacy rib, and the first row of stockinette. I did a couple of rows of […]




Yesterday I was reading a client’s forthcoming book in pdf. It is about gratitude and abundance and expecting miracles and stuff like that, and really quite¬†a lovely book. Then in class last night we were talking about living in confident […]