Richard Dawkins Backs Off

Richard Dawkins was on The Daily Show last night. I’m a great fan of his, as you may know if you read my blog and have total recall. For your reading pleasure, a few of my many posts on his […]



Yesterday I researched and wrote a post that included, among other things, the fact that engineers are the grads who are most in demand, and yet only 5% of current college students plan to major in engineering. Only 46% of […]


Space and Time


The discussion of Why Does E=mc2(and why should you care?) has begun over at SPOB. In the past, I’ve always written here about books, even if I was also writing about them somewhere else, so I’m going to duplicate it […]




I’m still reading Peter Davies’s God and the New Physics. It always takes me longer to read nonfiction, or at least nonfiction with new information or big ideas in it, because I have to stop and think a lot in […]