Kitchen Nightmares

I’ve had a week of classes now. My classes seem particularly excellent this term, and my summer class did as well. There are three possibilities: We are using happiness as our group topic rather than global warming, and this just […]


Rough Week


I’ve had a rough week. Not a bad week, but it sort of went on for a long time and had lots of stuff in it. My husband’s 4:22 alarm clock is probably the main thing, frankly. I always end […]


Faculty Meeting

I went and sat through the Division meeting at the college. “Sat through” is really the only term for it. The whole division of fine arts and communication was there, and we¬†had a lot of speakers. A dozen, probably. Each […]


Global Warming

Yesterday was a work day. I’ve nearly finished one of the two online classes I have to do (leaving aside the one I was supposed to do for KSURF and haven’t yet completed. FreshPlans continues to have affiliate sales every […]


The Speech


We’re beginning our research papers in my writing classes. Here you see the sayings I have on my office wall: “Never try to teach a pig to sing! It wastes your time and annoys the pig.” “If we knew what […]


Tables and Columns

I’m reading Joan Hess’s Muletrain to Maggody, which is set in a fictional hamlet near the real town where Hess and I both live. I like Hess’s books, but Suwanda was saying yesterday that they were offensive. They do rather […]