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Excursion Train

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

I rode in a parlor car on an excursion train. This line had steam locomotives until the 1960s, but we were diesel powered. There were little museums in the depots at both ends of the journey. Clearly, this was a very civilized way to travel. It still is, though we were offered bottle water and […]

La Droguerie

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

I went to Paris with a list of four knitting shops to visit. La Droguerie is the one I ended up going to, and it was an excellent choice.They describe themselves as “color merchants in the trtadition of those shops back in the days of old wherre pigments and all sorts of materials were sold […]

Notre Dame de Paris

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Today was Contributor Day. The group I was in got site architecture, a wire frame, and a page/keyword map done for the update of the WordCamp Central website. We had a soggy wrap, a squash sandwich (two slices of summer squash with mayonnaise on a soggy bun), two apricots, and a square of clafoutis for […]

Practical Things in Paris

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Mostly I have followed the Twoflower theory of tourism while in Paris, but over the past two days I’ve been working in the hotel room and #2 daughter has been at a Community Summit. I have thus done some practical errands while the chambermaids clean the room. First, I did laundry. We now have clean […]

Beds of Paris

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Of course I love fine art. And of course I have been transported by the works of Monet and  Picasso, Gaugin and Rodin while I’ve been visiting Paris. But I also value the decorative arts, the things that make daily life beautiful. So I have a collection of pictures of the very fancy and special […]

Flowers of Paris

Monday, June 12th, 2017

It’s a workday. and I’m sitting at my computer in my hotel room, overlooking the canal. There is a sweet breeze from the window, and I am going to share some of the gorgeous flowers I’ve been seeing.

Paris, Day 6

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

We began our day with a visit to the Musée Fragonard. I like specific, narrow views of history. Books like Salt and Candy Freak, museums like Choco-Story and the Fragonard, which examines the history of fragrance. First, we learned, perfume was about communicating with gods. Then it was medicinal, and then at last it was […]

The Downside of Paris

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Well, no, there isn’t any downside to Paris. But there have been moments which were less wonderful than the other moments. As you walk through Paris, for example, you can take a deep breath of lovely, light air perfumed with fruit and flowers. Then you expel that breath and take in another lungful — only […]

The Pastry Life List

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Okay, not a life list, since it;s just for this visit, but we’re following the birdwatcher’s custom of collecting sightings, but in this case it’s sightings (and eatings) of pastry. The photo above shows the lovely and chic mistress of pastries at Angelina’s. Our first French pastries were a Tarte au citron meringuée and a […]

Paris, Day 4

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

We took our museum passes and our passes visite and headed out to the Choco-Story Gourmand Museum of Chocolate. There was some overlap with our experience of Versailles from the previous day, since Marie Antoinette’s chocolate service  was represented. I took a lot of photos of chocolate sets because… hmmm… I like dishes. Chocolate was […]

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