One of the yarn purchases I made did not work out the way I hoped. I wanted this turquoise yarn, super light for summer tops, at an amazing price. I ordered five skeins, enough for a pretty summer top, and […]


Hot Sheep!

I just mean that I am definitely not going cold sheep. I have made two further yarn orders. First, I am expecting a little windfall which will totally cover the cost of my yarn orders from a direction I wasn’t […]


Yarn Ho!

This week has been unusually rich when it comes to yarn. Not only did I receive an order from KnitPicks containing their new-to-me all-American High Desert yarn, and the collection of vintage yarn, but I also received speckled yarn from […]


Vintage Bag Patterns


These vintage bag patterns came with a sack of vintage yarn — Tahki Ravello — which looks as though it could make one of those bags. It’s kind of like raffia. It might make a nice bag…and there’s a lot […]


Yarn, Ho!

The Icelandic Store sent me a jam-packed box of wool in three days over a holiday weekend. The wool was so tightly packed that when I opened the box the top layer popped out with a sproing! I got a […]


More of the Argyle

  I decided to try adding guidelines in sewing thread to improve my chances of making the rakers accurate. I alternated among embroidering the rakers, taking them back out, and working on the neckband. In the end, the neckband is […]