Pantone has a new palette for home decor 2020: Tea Garden.

Doesn’t it echo my current decor? It might give me direction for a little update next year.

I heard today of the death of someone I have known not well perhaps but for a long time. I spoke with him for about an hour every week, which may actually make him one of the people with whom I spent the most time, outside of my family. I liked him a lot.

I’m a bit sad. My heart goes out to his wife. I hope I was able to help her a bit today, and will think of ways I can continue to help in future. Grief would be self-indulgent under the circumstances, but it’s a bit of a shock.

Apart from that, it was a day full of human contact, including a couple of hours of babysitting The Baby. She lay on my lap to drink her juice and gave me lots of unsolicited hugs. We played with the bocce balls, practicing rolling, and ate fruit.

I also had several chances to help people, and made a sale. I didn’t get much writing done, but I did get a lot of other things done.

A peaceful evening coming up. I’ll think about my fallen comrade and work on Geo-Snow.