We’re having a technical difficulty at work. It’s the kind of tech issue that makes me wake up at 3:00 a.m. I went to the hollow tree where I had left a message for the designer many hours before. We live on opposite sides of the world, so it often works out that I leave a message while he’s asleep and then he leaves me a message while I’m asleep and then I leave him a message… it can go on for days.

This morning, though, I got to the hollow tree just as he left me a message asking for some additional information. “np” the message popped up. “I need access…” and some other stuff. The message concluded, “and I’ll take care of it today.” I replied instantly, fully aware of how providential this was, and went back to bed.

But I could not get back to sleep. Instead I got up, did my Wii Fit, made breakfast, watched a stand-up comedy show #2 son suggested… and realized that I still had not made a final decision about pie for Thanksgiving.

The main dish is turkey. Dressing, of course. Mashed potatoes and corn are the important vegetables, and then I’ll do something creative with turnips or squash or something and people won’t eat it. Cranberry sauce — and the Empress is bringing some of the horseradish variation on that — and hot rolls. The main menu is set.

But I haven’t decided on the pies. I have the ingredients for pecan and pumpkin, so it would be reasonable to stick with those. But maybe people would prefer apple, in which case I must go buy some apples. Or pear and cranberry?

#1 daughter is bringing dessert, too, so maybe a single pecan pie will be sufficient. I have to decide, though. We’re going to a movie today and the Empress is coming over for tea, and I have a lot of work to do, as well, so fitting in a grocery run might not be ideal.